About Usanii

What makes us different

/ usanii: / swahili word for art

Usanii provides Kenyan artists with tools to monetise their creativity

We provide artists with the freedom to follow their passions so we can share their stories, preserve their history, and promote mutual understanding. This is possible through a few simple actions: We let them create the art they love. We provide an online and offline community for them to connect with fans. And we enable them to earn a great living from it.

We believe that artists are the lifeblood of every country's culture yet here in Kenya there are many talented artists who are missing out on earning money from their work. Usanii is the place for creative individuals to access an avenue to earn a living doing what they love.


Usanii isn't just a platform. It is a movement, bringing together Kenyan artists to create and better our livelihoods.


Sam Achola

Founder at usanii